Working Competitive Instinct Multisport

CIM Coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your athletic goals and we gauge our success by each and every athlete's success. We are your biggest cheering section, your closest advisor, and your go-to source for training information.

It is our goal to understand how athletics and training can be built into part of your everyday life. We spend a significant amount of time making sure the work, life, and family balance is intact. Family and work shouldn't suffer as a result of your training, and your CIM coach will help you find that balance.

Our coaching is not an equation thrown into a computer that spits out the athlete’s program. Instead, a CIM coach is always monitoring, revising and reviewing again your workouts and your results. Just because your training plan is online does not mean we are formulaic computers.

This is why it is important to us to have regular emails and phone conversations with all athletes. We want to be able to gauge an athlete's mood and progress from them directly, not just from heart rate or power files. As athletes, we would want this kind of attention for ourselves, and that is why we provide CIM athletes this type of service. You may be ”Working with a CIM Coach,” but it is just more than work. It is a partnership for achieving goals.