Competitive Instinct Multisport Mission & Values

“The goal of Competitive Instinct Multisport is to provide first-class, personalized coaching services to endurance sports athletes on a professional level.”

That was the very first line written when the business plan for CI Multisport was in its infancy. We strive everyday to live up to that powerful mantra.

CI Multisport focuses on creating a program that suits each athlete’s goals, lifestyle, and fitness level. We understand that 95% of athletes have professional and family obligations and work to create a training program and environment that takes this all into account.

  • CI Multisport dedicates itself to each athlete by providing:
  • The best coaching by the most accessible coaches.
  • The availability of great technology to supplement and boost effective training.
  • The best value for your dollar.

As athletes as well as coaches, we made a promise to ourselves to provide the service that we would hope to be given. That means we dedicate ourselves 100% to each and every athlete. We limit the amount of athletes that each coach works with to ensure that every client gets the attention needed to provide the promised CIM service.