About Competitive Instinct Multisport

Coach Jared Gell has been an endurance athlete for over fifteen years. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the industry and bring his own philosophy to endurance sports training. After coaching and training athletes for two seasons and serving as Triathlon Specialist at Belmont Wheelworks, Coach Jared decided to bring his unique views to the endurance athlete community.

In November 2009, Coach Jared officially launched his company, Competitive Instinct Multisport, LLC. The theory behind the name is that endurance athletes desire to challenge themselves by competing not just with other athletes, but against themselves. By harnessing the motivation behind this desire, athletes are able to take use their innate competitive instincts to push themselves to personal best after personal best.

CIM athletes are provided with a unique coaching experience that promotes a healthy lifestyle, achieving individual goals, and making endurance sports part of a busy life. Our coaches understand the need for work, life, and training balance and build our customized programs to suit each individual athlete.